Artist Spotlight

Overviews of Past Submitters and Local Artists

March 2, 2018: Claudia Tommasi

Our first Artist Spotlight is dedicated to Claudia Tommasi, the artist who’s piece stands as our website’s wallpaper. Tommasi is a Studio Art Major who graduated from Miami in 2017 and concentrated in Painting and Printmaking. She also had Arts Management, Art and Architecture History, and Interactive Media Studies Minors. This piece, entitledĀ Eutrophication, 2015, is a 40″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas painting. It was chosen by theĀ Effusions board for its mesmerizing use of color and complex composition that engages, and challenges, the eye.

When discussing the piece, Tommasi explains that “Eutrophication illustrates the consequences of human byproducts in water systems as algae takes over the oxygen ad kills a large amount of fish. This natural process, accelerated by acts of human intrusion, demonstrates the fine line between what is gross and what is tantalizing.”