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February 7, 2020: GM Akand Sabik, featured in Effusions 2019

Akand Sabik is a senior Mechanical Engineering major with a passion for digital photography. His piece Essence captures the authentic atmosphere of Sylhet, Bangladesh where the world is presented as equal parts sky and water with humans occupying the small area in-between.

When describing this scene in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Akand Sabik writes “this serenity can be overwhelming and calming at the same time. Some thrive for it, others live in it, only to take it for granted until it is lost.”

September 5, 2019: Anna Skalicki, featured in Effusions 2019

Skalicki is a freshman Studio Art major with a minor in Creative Writing. She was the Spotlight Artist for the 2019 Effusions issue and had five works published in the journal. Her artwork that we are featuring today is called The Lizard King. This piece is an acrylic painting on canvas and is an abstract portrait of Jim Morrison. The cool colors Skalicki uses in this piece are repeated in her other works and creates a distinct artistic style.

In her artist statement, Skalicki writes “people are all around us, and each face is so unique. I am so interested in the curving lines and shapes which form a face,” which is clearly captured in The Lizard King. 

January 31, 2019: Megan Moretti, featured in Effusions 2018

Moretti is a freshman Pre-communication Design major. Her multi-media sculpture Color Wreck was completed for her Color Theory class and is one of two of her pieces featured in the 2018 issue of Effusions. The texture Moretti is able to capture in this sculpture is impeccable and the abstract composition is entertaining for the eye.

Moretti explains her inspiration for Color Wreck stating “I knew that I wanted to put sponges together to create a form, but I was also interested in trying to mix different elements together, so I chose to use a found stone as the base and add dispersed wood to balance out the sponges.”

October 7, 2018: Lauren Smith, featured in Effusions 2018

Smith is a junior Studio Art major with a concentration in Painting and a minor in Digital Games. She submitted numerous artworks to the 2018 edition of Effusions and was our featured artist for this issue. The following piece is titled Melancholy and is ink and colored pencil on paper. This piece was chosen by the editing board for our cover image because of its complex combination of art, science, and the unknown.

When discussing her work, Smith states “my illustrations take inspiration from science fiction, an interest that developed out of fascination with outer space, nerdy entertainment, and everything cold, futuristic, and industrial.

March 2, 2018: Claudia Tommasi, featured in Effusions 2017

Our first Artist Spotlight is dedicated to Claudia Tommasi, the artist who’s piece stands as our website’s wallpaper. Tommasi is a Studio Art Major who graduated from Miami in 2017 and concentrated in Painting and Printmaking. She also had Arts Management, Art and Architecture History, and Interactive Media Studies Minors. This piece, entitled Eutrophication, 2015, is a 40″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas painting. It was chosen by the Effusions board for its mesmerizing use of color and complex composition that engages, and challenges, the eye.

When discussing the piece, Tommasi explains that “Eutrophication illustrates the consequences of human byproducts in water systems as algae takes over the oxygen ad kills a large amount of fish. This natural process, accelerated by acts of human intrusion, demonstrates the fine line between what is gross and what is tantalizing.”